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Log Book Servicing


Log Book Servicing

Many car owners assume that in order to keep their warranties, they must return to a car dealership for a new car logbook servicing. However, what they actually don’t know is that ACCC has stated on several occasions that, under the Australian law, you are free to have your cars serviced by any mechanic or service center of your choosing, as long as they are eligible to do so.

At Pink Lion Mobile Mechanics, our logbook service is performed in compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements. Testing and/or removing certain parts and fluids on the vehicle at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals is an essential part of our logbook services.

Our logbook servicing at a glance

  • Verify paperwork
  • Change Replace the engine oil and filter
  • Check and if needed replace all scheduled service products
  • Hood/bonnet inspection
  • Under the vehicle inspection
  • Inspection of tyres and lights
  • safety check
  • Road test up to 60 km/h and report

Logbook servicing is not only providing a good value for money solution. It also enables you to have your vehicles kept well-maintained and functioning optimally, with a good resale value.

  • Each car is serviced by our experienced and qualified technicians
  • You will receive a reasonable price with no additional hidden costs
  • You will receive our honest opinion on what needs to be done
  • We never begin work on anything without your approval

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