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Fix your kart with the Best Breakdown Service in Sydney


Experienced a horrifying car breakdown and stuck with the requirement of mobile mechanic service?

Pink Lion Mobile Mechanics are the best breakdown service in Sydney to provide you with immediate help.

An accidental car breakdown is like a nightmare we all wish to avoid. Ending up stuck in the middle of nowhere in your car can be awfully exasperating. Pink Lion mobile mechanics offer the Best breakdown Service in Sydney

What are the Causes of a breakdown?

There can be multiple reasons for your kart to break down in the middle of the street. Subsequently, knowing the reason behind the breakdown of the car helps the recovery sooner. The basic issues that strike the breakdown are:

  • The power of the battery might drain, which can make the car stop mid-way.
  • Tyre puncture is one of the most common causes of car breakdown. Hence, it is advised to keep an extra set of tyres.
  • The alternator- generator of electric power supply might create trouble.
  • The electrical system failure
  • Overheating can be a major reason for the car to break down.
  • Issues with engine oil and pouring the wrong fuel into your car might cause the car’s movement failure.
  • DPF (diesel particulate filter) blockage.
  • In manual cars, the clutch cables wear out with time.

Steps to take in case of car breakdown


A sudden car breakdown while you are in a rush or when you are out for a leisure ride with family can be very annoying. However, one cannot dodge such circumstances, but there are steps to get through it effortlessly.

Whenever you face such a situation, pull over to the left side of the roadway. Further, call for aid and wait until they arrive. If you require emergency mobile mechanics in Sydney, Pink Lion Mobile Mechanics is your saviour of the time.

A sudden car breakdown can be scary to a certain level. However, it is advised to not panic and agitate. Be calm and proceed by calling the mechanic’s service.

Turn on the pair of warning lights of your car. The intermittent flashing would warn other vehicles from crashing with the car and also act as an indicator, asking for help.

If it is a busy road or a highway, do not get out of the car if not a call for something urgent. It is better to stay put inside your hood.

  • Do not park the car in between the street. Look for the traffic around you and stand in a safe space.
  • Keep the keys of your car handy with yourself. If you go out, take it with you. It will ensure the belongings are safe inside the car.
  • If there are kids and pets in the car, keep snacks and water for a little treat and keep the window panes open to allow proper air regulation and maintain a comfortable ambience.

Why call for our service?

  • We provide cost-effective services. Moreover, purchasing all tools and gadgets will burn your pocket. Hence, by availing of our services, you can save that too.
  • Time effective- We operate at a fast pace. Your time is precious hence, we abide by the rule and supply our aid ahead of time.
  • We ensure you a hassle-free service. While you sit back and relax, we do the work for you.
  • You never know when a car breakdown might happen. We have your back and are active all around the year.
  • We are the finest emergency mobile car mechanicshence you can be stuck anywhere. Our service will reach you in a jiffy.
  • Our mechanics are highly efficient in their domain of work.
  • We use modern tools and techniques to provide you with our service.